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The following message from Acting Provost DiPaola and Vice President for Institutional Diversity Katrice Albert was sent to faculty and staff on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. 

Dear Colleagues,

As a Wildcat family, we welcome many faiths, cultures, identities and beliefs. The Muslim holy month of Ramadan occurs this year April 2 - May 1.

Ramadan is a time when observant Muslims, as a tribute to their faith, refrain from eating, drinking or smoking during daylight hours. During this time period, observant Muslims may not be able to work at their full capacity during the afternoon and early evening. While Muslim students may not ask for any accommodations, it is important for all students to know that we are a community that cares.

Expressing our support and solidarity to students who choose to participate in Ramadan is essential. If you have instructional activities scheduled during these times, you may consider allowing your students to conclude their daily fast before completing their work in the late evening.

Additionally, May 2, the first day of final examinations, will be a religious high holiday for Muslims. As a reminder, Muslim students have the right to seek accommodation so that they can attend this religious event.

We are in this together now more than ever.


Robert S. DiPaola, Acting Provost

Katrice Albert, Vice President for Institutional Diversity