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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for everything you do to educate, innovate, serve and care for others. There is a lot to be proud of at the University of Kentucky, and I am tremendously grateful for your passion, persistence and sense of purpose in all you do.

This past year, the Office of the Provost launched a new initiative called IMPACT to champion your hard work, inspire greater ingenuity throughout the enterprise and help you support your students and colleagues, especially with a focus on your educational efforts that will help our students have new opportunities.

This year, the Initiative for Mission Priorities to Accelerate Collaboration and Transformation (IMPACT) awarded more than $600,000 to support your colleagues in a variety of ways.

Eight different colleges received funding related to a variety of topics. The College of Arts and Sciences, in collaboration with seven other colleges, is focused on understanding instruction opportunities with generative artificial intelligence. The College of Fine Arts is establishing a program that develops curricular partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). The College of Education, with three other colleges, is enhancing how we equip future educators through the Wildcat Teacher Residency program.

Special consideration was given to proposals that were transdisciplinary, innovative and aligned with some aspect of UK-PURPOSE. And over the coming months, we will showcase each recipient and highlight their efforts to achieve their goals.

And I am excited to share that next year, IMPACT will grant even more money to new projects that you and your colleagues propose.

Congratulations to faculty and staff from this year’s recipients, and as always, I appreciate you and all you do for this university.

Robert S. DiPaola, MD