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The University of Kentucky is committed to training health professionals who will advance the well-being of the Commonwealth and beyond.

To adhere to this mission, a collaboration among four health care colleges – Medicine, Public Health, Health Sciences, Nursing – has been established to construct an innovative, state-of-the-art health education building.

With technological advancements, modern aesthetics, and a spacious environment conducive to learning, this new facility will serve as a hub for health education and provide an exceptional educational setting to sufficiently prepare the next generation of health care leaders, health and rehabilitation practitioners, nurses, physicians, public health professionals, scientists, and more.

Our ultimate goal is that when our learners join the workforce, they are well equipped to help Kentuckians and everyone live longer, healthier lives.


Charles H. “Chipper” Griffith, III, MD, MSPH

Acting Dean, College of Medicine

Donna Arnett, PhD

Dean, College of Public Health

Scott Lephart, PhD

Dean, College of Health Sciences

Janie Heath, PhD

Dean, College of Nursing