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  • Creates flexibility for curriculum evolution and enrollment while adequately meeting accreditation standards
  • Supports a skills-based education approach with simulations and demonstrations
  • Adapts to the changing and evolving workforce and workplace
  • Recognizes research in evidence-based practices
  • Promotes team building and problem solving in a transdisciplinary environment


Student Success

  • Focuses on developing a sense of community that will promote success
  • Promotes student interactions with study and other spaces throughout the facility; building needs to be alive with interactions and collaborations
  • Promotes access among faculty, staff and peers
  • Creates an environment that promotes students’ well-being
  • Provides access to clinical environments



  • Embraces technology that encompasses all aspects of the facility
  • Creates the flexibility for technological advancements
  • Designed to support adaptability
  • Has the ability to interface with regional campuses


Efficiency and Flexibility

  • Has the adaptability of a 100-year building
  • Creates flexibility with the building structure and all spaces that allows potential future changes in the education curriculum
  • Creates office configurations that are efficient and flexible
  • Easily navigated and explored by all
  • Provides integration with existing facilities



  • Creates an image/brand with a lasting impression that elevates each college
  • Develops a clear identity of each college for learners, alumni and the community
  • Promotes and enhances Alumni engagement
  • Showcases the development and history of each college